Moving Forward Together

Valet Angels Is A Journey

Inspired by the emerging trend of shared economy and on-demand service, a group of IT enthusiasts came together and started Valet Angels, a chauffeur on-demand service that leverages on the advent in IT to create greater values to car owners and valet drivers.

Valet Angels aspires to revolutionise the chauffeur on-demand industry by providing game changing offers such as app-based booking and tasking platform supported by an automated job matching software, distance based fare and cashless payment.

Ultimately, we hope to make the road safer for everyone by providing a convenient and affordable solution to encourage more car owners to engage chauffeur on-demand service whenever they feel that they are not fit to be behind the wheel.

Today, Valet Angels’s chauffeurs are vetted through our comprehensive screening system, to ensure the best are offered to our customers.

We are passionate in what we do, and we aspire to be the best in the industry. We offer on-demand chauffeur services through our mobile application to convenient consumers to book, manage, and pay for the service.

As of today, we had already served more than 15,000 valet jobs till date. We continue to aspire what we set out to do in the first place and will continue to thrive and improve the service provided to our customers.

Our Brand Values and Commitments


Nobody likes to be kept waiting, especially at 2:39AM, and after a session of drinks. We get that, and we’ll get to you. Pronto.

A Fairer Fare

Who can refuse a bargain or a better deal, right? We keep our fares competitive, and we keep them lesser when you travel a shorter distance.

Service Professionals

Angels serve a calling, as we do, as a team and individually, when we answer your calling for a valet service.

Greater Agenda of The Things We Are Doing

Making The Road A Safer One
We have a basic goal to reduce the number of offenses to make the road safer for everyone.

Social Responsibility

To be an advocate of not to drink and drive.

Our Value Proposition

To provide timely and affordable valet services.

Better Income Opportunities For The Drivers
We want to improve the lives of our angels. That’s what we call our drivers.


To enhance the professionalism of our angels.

Independent and Flexible

Each and every angels can work for him/herself independently on their free time.

Fulfilling Your Passion To Drive

Do you enjoy driving? Join us and help to contribute to safer roads.