Our Pricing Model

Deviating from the industry norm, we took the challenge to charge the service by distance based fare instead of a flat rate. We trust that this is a fairer way to price the service, giving greater values to our customers.

Price Comparison

Pickup Location to Destination VA App Distance Based Fare Market Rate Percentage Saving
Clarke Quay to River Valley $26 $38 32%
Clarke Quay to Lorong 1 Toa Payoh $32 $38 16%
Clarke Quay to Clementi Avenue 1 (additional drop-off) Jurong West Avenue 4 $38 $48 20%


We’re not just passionate about what we do, but service excellence too! As we continuously work towards improving our operations to better serve you, we seek your understanding and support in ensuring that we can always deliver and maintain our quality of service. In situations when waiting time for customers is longer than informed, it affects our operational forecasting and may in turn cause delays for other customers. We value all customers and we always try to prevent unexpected or last-minute delays from customers causing consequential delays on the subsequent allocated trips.

As we constantly tailor our services and rates to better cater to our customers’ preferences, we have compiled a list of additional surcharges that come into effect for various add-on request types:

Type Amount
Schedule Booking Surcharge between 9PM to 6AM $ 4.00
Pick-up or drop-off at Sentosa $ 3.00
Cancellations made after driver en-route to pick-up location, or has arrived $ 15.00
Waiting (Grace of 15 minutes from valet’s time of arrival or ETA, whichever later, and up to additional 30min) $5 / 15 min block
Waiting (In-transit, no grace period) $5 / 15 min block
No-show (Uncontactable after 15 min from valet’s time of arrival or ETA, whichever later. Waiting time exceeding 45 min after valet’s time of arrival or ETA, whichever later.) $ 15.00